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2017 Valley Springs Christmas Parade

What a wonderful way to start the Christmas Season! Joining on the CADS float was Supervisor Clapp and Parks & Recreation Committee member Kevin Ost. We loved wishing everyone Merry Christmas and appreciated all the support from the community.

Black Oak Casino CASH GRAB November 16, 2017

Gina Gonzales was our “grabber” winning $750.00 for CADS this year. She stood on the stage and informed everyone of the work that CADS does to help people and their animals prepare for life-threatening situations. The CADS Team was met with a loud round of applause. We are so proud of Gina’s efforts and dedication to our community.

November 11, 2017 Veterans Day Parade, Copperopolis

CADS was proud to be invited to participate! Lots of cheering fans supported us and greeted us as we drove down Main St.

October 7, 2017 Lumberjack Day Parade, West Point

What a spectacular Lumberjack Day event as the CADS Team float was cheered on by the wonderful crowds lining the streets. Great fun & enthusiasm by all.

Emergency Preparedness Fair

What a great event – lots of people interested in preparing their animals in case of a disaster. Lots of ways to protect yourself, your home, your property. Let’s not forget our animals!

August 26, 2017 Mountain Ranch Day in the Park

CADS representatives Marcy & Megan had a great day talking to lots of people who know all about disasters because of the Butte Fire. There was much interest in finding ways to prepare our animals for life=threatening situations.

May 13, 2017 Can You Handle the Mud, Mountain Ranch

CADS is happy to support the Central Calaveras Firefighters Association and First Responders (Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement) with our effort to prepare people and their animals for a disaster. Every single aspect of this race was planned, constructed and organized by Volunteer Firefighters and Association members. It was a great day of meeting & working with lots of people.

May 6, 2017 – Hot Copper Car Show, Copperopolis

CADS was a big success with their raffle of 2 Pet Go Bags – cat & dog. Pet owners love to hear about our plans to prepare for disasters and help out when they occur.

March 18, 2017 – CADS Float in the Murphys Irish Days Parade

 CADS was a crowd favorite with a truck and trailer full of animals. Including on cute little sheep shepherded so well by Jessica. Bob Toynbee was our float driver and County Supervisor, Dennis Mills rode along and helped bring recognition of CADS to the community. 


October 1, 2016 – CADS meets & greets animal owners at Murphy’s Gold Rush Street Fair

img_2382Laura Beach, Megan Aguilar, and Mary Millar spent a beautiful day talking to pet owners about being prepared for a disaster. CADS appreciated all the donations that will help fund our Pet Go Kits intended to keep pets and their owners ready to evacuate. The ladies handed out informational sheets so that anyone can create their own Pet Go Kits. Looks like the ladies had a lot of fun!img_2399

March 19, 2016 – CADS meets & greets animal owners at Irish Days, Murphys, CA

Megan A~ Irish Day 2016CADS Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Aguilar spent a wonderful day talking to pet owners and advising them on how they can prepare for a disaster by making sure their animals have a “Go Kit” ready at all times. Megan had lots of helpful information which was much appreciated by those that dropped by the CADS table.

March 16, 2016 – CADS is guest speaker at the Arnold Lions Club.

Public Information Officer, Jeane Kennedy, spoke before a very welcoming group of Arnold Lions Club members. They were gracious listeners as Jeane told them about the need to be prepared for a disaster by making sure pets are considered in any planning process. Jeane presented the Pet Go Kit to the Lions and showed them how preparing pets often helps people consider their own needs in preparing for a life-threatening situation.

October 24, 2015 – CADS  helps Celebrate the 6th Anniversary of the Calaveras Humane Society Thrift Shop in Arnold.

eventOct24_2015CADS Treasurer, Laura Beach,  participated in the afternoon’s efforts to meet & greet pet guardians and provide information on how to prepare for a disaster with family pets. Laura took pictures of many owners with their pets and explained that a photo often helps pet owners identify and be reunited with their animals when a disaster has separated them.  Laura advised that a photo and a copy of the pet’s medical records, prescriptions and any other pertinent information be placed in a folder or envelope and kept with the pet’s “Go Kit”.  There was a pet “Go Kit”  on hand for people to take a look at.  To help prepare and develop their own pet “Go Kits”,  informational cards and brochures were available.

October 17, 2015 – CADS is Recipient of ACTHA Charitable Donation

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association is on a mission to address the unwanted horse crisis. To date, ACTHIMG_1082A has donated over $500,000 to 500+ charities across the US and Canada. In addition, they work tirelessly to proactively create value in the Great American Trail Horse by holding fun events where horses of any breed can be registered and achieve points that remain with the horse for life.

IMG_1068One such event was held in Copperopolis at the historic Empire Copper Mine. Scoring and points were awarded based on skillful horsemanship, willingness of the horse and the overall communication and partnership between horse and rider. ACTHA provides the structure for horses to gain skills, and improve ride-ability and performance. While these traits are valuable in all horses, these are the keys to creating value in horses that were previously unemployed or under employed.

CADS is extremely grateful to be a recipient of 20% of the proceeds of this remarkable competitive ride.

Aug3ust 19, 2015 – CADS is Guess Speaker at the 4H Council Meeting

CADS was invited to speak at the Calaveras County 4H Council meeting last night in San Andreas. What a great group of people interested in learning how to prepare themselves and their community for a disaster.


July 03, 2015 – Shelter Volunteers Stress Importance of Preparedness, By Lydia Browning, The Union Democrat

When disasters happen in Calaveras County, shelters will open for people who must evacuate their homes. But pets, that’s another story. Often, pet owners won’t even consider leaving their animals behind. Red Cross shelters do not allow animals, with the exception of service animals. Animal owners are left with the choice of finding temporary shelters for their animals or abandoning them altogether.

That’s where Calaveras Animal Disaster Shelter comes in. The volunteer group is associated with Animal Services. During a disaster, the group helps locate shelters for animals near where their owners are being housed, said Jeane Kennedy, public information officer for CADS. These shelters will be equipped with emergency food and water for most animals. With enough volunteers and fundraising, the goal of the group is to be able to help people efficiently evacuate and find shelters for their animals during emergencies.

“The most important thing animal owners can do is to be prepared for evacuation at all times,” said Kennedy. Animal owners are encouraged to store a disaster kit in an easy-to-access part of their home at all times. Disaster kits for smaller pets should include essential items such as a minimum three-day supply of food and water, bowls, paper towels, plastic bags, disinfectants, collars, tags, leashes, harnesses, vaccination records, medication/prescriptions, a photo of the pet with its owner for identification purposes, a large blanket or towel, first aid kit and a large travel carrier. Perishable items should be rotated out every couple of months. Disaster kits for farm animals should include a current list of all animals including vaccination records, plastic neckbands or permanent markers to temporarily identify animals, halters, cages, water, feed, buckets, appropriate tools, safety items for vehicles and trailers for transportation.

“It could be helpful to take smaller pets for quick rides in vehicles to help them adjust to travelling,” Kennedy said. “During evacuations and emergencies, people and animals are already under stress without the hassle of trying to calm down an already uncomfortable pet.”

People with farms can better prepare for disasters by installing fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, enforcing no-smoking policies, making sure wiring in buildings is safe and by communicating with local fire departments for further safety suggestions.

CADS has about 10 regular members and another 10 on call in case of emergency. Volunteers are needed, even if they can give only a few hours, Kennedy said. Another goal CADS has is to generate a database of local property owners who can specifically tend to certain kinds of animals that may need special attention, she said.

CADS volunteers have done practice evacuations with stuffed animals to identify what could be improved upon in case of an actual disaster.

“This community has had to learn some tough lessons following the Rim Fire, and it is our hope that we can be better prepared if we have to deal with such a threat in Calaveras County,” said Kennedy.


April 21, 2015 – CADS is Guest Speaker at Arnold SIR Branch 152 Lunch Meeting

Sons in Retirement held its Monthly Luncheon meeting at Snow Flake Lodge, 2255 Blue Lake Springs Drive, Arnold CA.

The speakers for this months meeting were Dennis Lewis and Jeane Kennedy.  Dennis Lewis is a retired police officer and the Chair-Program Manager for the Calaveras Citizen Corps Council-Community Emergency Response Team and the Red Cross Mass Care Lead for Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties.  Dennis explained CERT and Red Cross response to disasters and made an appeal for volunteers that are very much needed for the Ebbetts Pass area.

Jeane Kennedy is a retired chemical & horticultural consultant to Ortho Lawn & Garden, Scotts Company, Monsanto & Amdro.  While working with them, she also developed each of their first websites.  Jeane  spoke about the volunteer program, Calaveras Animal Disaster Shelter – CADS and how to prepare for a life-threatening situation, preparing for both humans & pets.

April 16, 2015 – Multi Agency Disaster Drill /Training Exercise in Calaveras & Amador

5530475f667e9.imageThursday, April 16th, 2015, the Calaveras Animal Disaster Shelter (CADS) team participated in a multi-agency disaster drill in the West Point Area. This joint Amador/Calaveras Fire Response, Care and Shelter exercise was designed to test and evaluate Fire Procedures/Policies, Operation Coordination, Mass Care Services, Operational Communications, and Public Health/Emergency Medical Services.

This exercise was conducted in various locations in both Amador and Calaveras Counties in response to a simulated vegetation fire. The exercise took place from 9:00 AM to approximately 4:00 PM.


Enterprise photo by Joe Klarer

Along with CADS the following agencies participated:
San Andreas California Highway Patrol; Cal Fire: CHP; PHI Air Medical Services; West Point Fire; Central Fire; Mokelumne Hill Fire; American Red Cross; Sierra Baptist Church; Calaveras Emergency Response Teams (CERT); Amador & Calaveras Transit; Sutter Creek & Mark Twain Hospital; Sierra Pacific Industries; VFW Post 3322; American Legion Ambulance; Mountain Valley EMS; Amador County Animal Response Team, Amador & Calaveras Public Health to name a few.

Dennis Lewis, Red Cross mass care leader for Calaveras County, deemed the exercise a success and noted that “the errors made by all are ones that won’t be repeated in a ‘real world’ emergency. This is because the exercise was able to bring them to light in a controlled environment instead of when lives depended on ‘No mistakes’ being made.”